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Theuros by Blazbaros

Whelp, a critique is offered and I usually like to give them. I do like studying art and such. As I've said before seeing your work just makes me want to dive into my own. So, let's begin.

Now, the first thing I noticed about this piece was the incredibly long and somewhat vague story. I'll admit I skimmed it. As much as writing is an art-form, that's not what I'm going to be talking about and nor do I understand any of the lore of Warhammer and that such. But I do appreciate it's designs when I get a chance to see them. Now, on to the picture.

The first thing I noticed about this drawing was the color scheme. It is a wonderful complimentary color scheme of Yellow and Violet. In fact, the yellows seem to have a better chroma in my opinion as the violets on the armor seem to grey out when shading is needed. But, when the yellows need shading and texture it's as if they're neutralized with the violet as to contain a brighter color and bit more of contrast. A simple and effective color scheme is all that's needed for a character like this.

Now for something that you're amazing at is the texturing. I have to say in most of your work the attention to textures is usually very good. It gives off a the vibe that this armor has seen some wear but is still fully functional. They dirt and scratches and such add to the ambiance of the character. When it comes to color textures you're always spot on, though I'd personally like to see more line texturing here and there. It could be especially pushed when fabrics are concerned. With his loin cape, I'm actually pleased with the way it's turned out, but I've noticed in other pieces that fabric texturing sometimes doesn't look right because there's a minimal use of line. But again, in this piece, it looks very good.

Another thing I've noticed that you're very good at is subtle details. In this piece the armor has a thin intricate design featured on the yellow armor parts which look very well done. The same goes for the violet pieces, even though the design looks a bit more blatant, but I'm not complaining. Though there are some points where the design actually looks like a premade texture... Then again I have no knowledge of digital media use, so what would I know?

The only thing I would personally have an issue with is the character's face. Judging by the story, of what I actually read anyway, is that this character seems extremely old. But then again that's just my interpretation of half reading it. It's not a bad face, but it could add to his horrifying visage if there were more lines to express his aged face. But then again I like to draw roman veristic men for fun, so my face structuring will be different from someone else's. Just a few age lines would add to him, but again that's just me.

In conclusion, a bad ass piece with some awesome choices made nearly everywhere. Keep on creating, good sir.
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Blazbaros Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The critique wasn't actually offered, dA just likes to be a bitch when it comes to submitting things. But I'll take it anyway.

Thanks for your observations :dummy:
pokerus12 Feb 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oooh... I kinda feel bad now...
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